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Alexandre Pereira Bühler alexandre em simaoebuhler.com.br
Ter Nov 4 14:43:08 -03 2014

Olha eu sei que ele é compilado em delphi 5
"By the way: since 2011 all new products created by IBExpert KG (except 
IBExpert Developer Studio, which is still compiled with Delphi 5) are 
implemented with Lazarus. "
fonte:http://www.ibexpert.net/ibe/index.php?n=Main.NewsArchive pergunta: 
Are you still using InterBase®?
Todos os produtos novos deles serão baseados em lazarus.
Mas eles já pensam em migrar o IBExpert do Delphi para Lazarus: 
"Should we at some point reach the absolute limits of Delphi 5, we will 
certainly develop a successor based on Lazarus in order to continue 
using large parts of the existing source code. Yet another advantage is 
that we also have access to the entire Lazarus IDE source code, so that 
we can fix any annoying bugs in the IDE itself if necessary. "
Logo creio ser um componente de acesso externo, não nativo no delphi. 
Pois ele fala em poder reaproveitar o código do ibexpert.

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