[firebase-br] Abrir Firebird no Base do BROffice 2.0

Otto ottofuch em terra.com.br
Sex Jun 9 23:16:10 -03 2006

Alguém já conseguiu acessar o Firebird a partir do módulo Base do BROffice? Vantagem: por exemplo, usar este acesso para usar as facilidades de gerar e imprimir relatórios adhoc (usado uma ou poucas vezes).

O BROffice é o nome do OpenOffice no Brasil, já que alguém já tinha registrado o nome OpenOffice. O Br/OpenOffice vem com um módulo chamado Base que ou gerencia um pequeno banco de dados em Java, ou acessa outros bancos de dados, neste caso chamados bancos de dados externos já existentes.
Já testei o acesso a um banco de dados Access 97, e foi redondo sem qualquer problema.
Já não tive sucesso com o Firebird, com o qual o acesso é por JDBC (ainda não testei com Derby, nem com MySQL).
Na Internet já há alguns pronunciamentos como os seguintes:

I'm trying to make OO2 Base read my Firbird Database, but I'm having trouble. I did it on OO1, but now with base I'm confused. The tutorial I found on the net only explain how to connect to Firebird using OO1... can anybody tell me, step-by-step, how to make Base read my Firebird database? Like "download jaybird, install it, in the datasource fiel type..." I tried to use org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver in the JDBC driver class field and something like firebirdsql// on the datasource url field. Testing, the class works, but I can't read the database. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance. 


That looks like the JDBC driver for the hsqldb database (which is what Base uses as an embedded database). Is there not a JDBC driver for Firebird? If so you should probably use that instead (or an ODBC driver if that exists). If you use the Firebird JDBC driver, then don't forget to add it to your OOo classpath (Options=>Settings=>Java) Incidentally the "Test class" button produces misleading results: all it does is to verify that OOo can actually find the class somewhere in the classpath. I spent ages trying to connect to an hsqldb database using org.hsqldb.jdbc.jdbcConnection - only to discover that although the class exists (and so passed the test) it was the wrong class to use!! I would be interested to know why you chose Firebird

      If class works, You may try connection URL: jdbc:firebirdsql:myserver:C:\file.fdb or myserver/3050:C:\file.fdb or \\myserver\C:\file.fdb It depend on your OS work or not and my WinXP cannot connect with JayBird 2.0.1, class not working, but under SuSE 9.3 work well, on XP I could use ODBC connections."



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