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Otto ottofuch em terra.com.br
Seg Jan 31 17:53:12 -03 2005

Vou acomanhar, olhando de forma imparcial. Embora ligado via certificação à
Novell, e embora vendo o Suse Linux com simpatia, tendo inclusive aquirido
os livros Novell Certified Linux Engeneer (CLE) Study Guide (Robb. H. Tracy,
Novell Press, 2005) e Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP) Study Guide
(Emmet Dulaney, Novell Press, 2005) e embora eu tenha recebido o Linux
Technical Resource Kit from Novell Customer Communities, constituido de três
DVDs, contendo, além do Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9, os produtos
proprietários da Novell no pacote Nterprise -- avaliação por 90 dias -- 
continuo usando o Mandrake Linux.
Sempre com um pé pra frente, e outro mais atrás.
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Subject: [firebase-br] Fw: [Firebird-devel] SAS contribution to Vulcan

> Aos que por acaso queiram mais informacoes de quem esta suportando o
> olha o mail da firebird-devel....
> Julio Cesar
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> From: "David Shamlin" <David.Shamlin em sas.com>
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> Subject: [Firebird-devel] SAS contribution to Vulcan
> Greetings!
> My name is David Shamlin; I am with SAS Institute, Inc
> (http://www.sas.com/). SAS is the company that comissioned the Vulcan port
> of Firebird. We are a business and analytic intelligence software vendor.
> A year and a half ago we identified a business need to incorporate
> relational/ACID transaction storage capabilities into our platform bundle
> and decided to pursue an open source database solution that met our
> requirements. We chose Firebird because it supported an embedable database
> engine and implemented many of the SQL semantics our consumers need.
> our software platform runs on a number of 64-bit SMP operating systems,
> first order of business was to create a Firebird port to one of these
> systems and introduce modest (i.e., multiple user requests executing in
> parallel) multi-threading capabilities to the engine. We entered into a
> partnership with IBPhoenix and with Paul Beach's help acquired the
> of Jim Starkey to do much of the heavy lifting on the project for us.
> In December of last year, Jim (with Ann's help) finished the initial
> of this work which has come to be refered to as the Firebird Vulcan
> During that time, we also had the opportunity to address some minor JDBC
> issues with Roman and discuss testing strategies with Pavel. Currently,
> has three developers and a DBMS product specialist working full time with
> the Vulcan source. A couple of additional individuals are contributing on
> part time basis to additional porting and testing efforts. We have an
> initial port to z/OS completed, and I hope to initiate ports to a couple
> more 64-bit Unix/Linux systems in the first quarter of this year.
> SAS's intent since the beginning of the project has been to contribute to
> the Firebird open source project and continue to be an active supporter
> through direct development and possibly commissioning further coding
> projects in the future. Since Jim turned over his final work to us in
> December, we have accumulated a series of source code changes that address
> some bugs we've uncovered through our testing. At this point, we're
> interested in committing these changes to the new Vulcan repository on
> Sourceforge and would like to enter into a dialog with the Firebird
> administrators on how we can most effectively accomplish that.
> We're pleased with the results we have achieved with Firebird/Vulcan to
> and excited about becoming an active participant in the Firebird project.
> trust the community at large also sees the value inherent in Vulcan and
> welcome SAS's contribution. We look forward to the opportunity to
> collaborate with the team and getting to know others involved with
> better.
> I can be reached for direct follow up at david.shamlin em sas.com
> <mailto:david.shamlin em sas.com>  and will continue monitor this mail list
> case the group wishes to have a more public discussion.
> Thanks for your attention -- David
> --
> R&D Director, SAS Institute, Inc
> david.shamlin em sas.com
> 919-531-7755
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